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Tabrak Trailer, Pengemudi Pickup Grand Max Tewas Terjepit

Tabrak Trailer, Pengemudi Pickup Grand Max Tewas Terjepit

Surabaya Indonesia - Accident death toll in road kills again. A pickup truck crashed into GrandMax trailer. As a result of the collision, the pickup driver who allegedly asleep, died instantly with a pickup body wedged condition.

"The reports we received, it happened at around 02:30 WIB at 26 500 KM from theSidoarjo to Waru," said one officer PJR Tol, Ipda Billy, Saturday (04/21/2012).

Before the incident, Smith Maryudi Agus (37) residents Wonosri, Bondowoso, driving a8309 pickup nopol W XA and a passenger who became kernetnya, Anto (44) citizens ofPondok Gede, Jember. When at the scene, Smith allegedly sleepy, unable to avoid thetruck trailer nopol L 8152 UY who drove in the right lane.

Hard collision was unavoidable. The pickup struck the rear of the truck, until the condition is severely damaged. In fact, Smith was killed instantly, because it pinched thedikemudikannya picukp body. While kernetnya, Anto seriously injured.

To evacuate the trapped dead, officials from the PJR Tol and Jasa Marga, was forced to cut some parts of the cab. After successfully evacuated, the bodies of victims were taken to General Hospital (Hospital) Sidoarjo. While Anto which also seriously injuredwas rushed to the hospital.

While the vehicle towed to a nearby pickup Toll Satellite. While the case of an accidentwill be transferred to the then Police Unit Laka Sidoarjo.

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